Our Faith, People & Purpose

Created, sustained, and corrected by the word of God.

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Our Faith

The Society believes in the following Statement of Faith:
  • Our faith is created, sustained, and corrected by the word of God. We accept the Bible as our authority in matters of faith and pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand it rightly.
  • We believe that all men are created for the Kingdom of God but have become lost through sin, which is disobedience to God’s will.
  • We believe that God in His Love reveals Himself to men in order to bring them to obedience, and that in Jesus Christ He came in flesh to live and to die and to rise again for the saving of men, and that in the Holy Spirit He comes to abide with His people.
  • We believe that as men hear the word of God, repent of their sin and trust in Jesus Christ, so they are saved and share, now and always, in the eternal life of God.
  • We believe that God is working for the salvation of the world through His Universal Church, the company of all faithful people, which live in the world to declare His Kingdom in word and in life.
  • We believe that the sovereignty of God is not fully known in this present world, but in the end the whole of creation will acknowledge Him as Lord and Judge.
  • We believe in God, Creator and Father of all, who is holy and who is love; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God – we worship Him alone and offer to Him ourselves, our lives and our love.
  • The Society further adopts the doctrines, canons, administrative rulings, disciplines, forms of worship, usages and customs formulated in accordance with Holy Scriptures by the General Assembly of the Kiribati Uniting Church in Kiribati.

Our Purpose

Our goals and purpose as a community are:
  • To spread the KUCNZ beliefs and values to the rest of the Kiribati communities in New Zealand
  • To grow each group and work towards targeted fundraising activities aimed at purchasing church properties and sponsoring Kiribati ordained Ministers
  • The KUCNZ has purchased four properties throughout New Zealand to house four Kiribati Ministers. The congregation is now targeting to build four halls and churches to provide venues for community church activities. These include activities such as church services, fundraising activities, youth conventions, major events such as Easter andChristmas events, Board meetings, and various other important meetings.

Our People

Our members are predominantly Kiribati citizens whom they have chosen New Zealand to be their new homeland.

The Kiribati population in New Zealand keeps increasing, thus the members of KUCNZ. This brings a new challenge of teaching (through learning and practising) the young generation our mother tongue or language.

Our leaders and elderly members of the church along with Ministers are the backbone of the church. They inspire members to excel and reach goals.

It is their perception and belief that once one adheres and follows the church’s principles with faith, every other aspect of life will contribute to a much brighter future for all.

Supporting our people and community spiritually, culturally and by way of fellowship is of utmost importance to us. We offer our members and community:

  • Free membership
  • Recognition
  • Aspiration for leadership and deaconess
  • Security
  • The opportunity to meet other members and belong to the KUCNZ congregation
  • The opportunity to worship in the Kiribati language
  • The opportunity to have a Kiribati ordained Minister guiding the congregation
  • The opportunity to be part of a larger group of the KUC mother church in Kiribati

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