We have achieved so much

Thanks to our Lord who has guided us to achieve what we have.

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Church Projects

We came to New Zealand over many years, and we established our church. We believe that by working together willingly, we would achieve our goals to benefit our church. Nurtured by our culture, we have grown stronger and stronger over the years as we face and win over much challenge.
We have achieved so much, and we thank our Lord who guides us throughout these years to accomplish what we have planned and worked for.

The Church and Hall project was approved by the AGM. We experience so many issues, and these are:

  • We do not have our own place to worship;
  • We do not have our own place to socialise;
  • When borrowing or hiring churches from other denominations or churches, there is no guarantee we can secure the dates needed;
  • We look for Maraes and halls, but face the same issues around clashing dates with other group bookings, and not being able to secure the times we need.

This project will solve the issues above. It is a big project, and it will take years and years to complete, but we trust that once we complete this project, it will be there for our children and their children for many years to come.

We do it today, for tomorrow, with a firm belief that no matter how long it takes, it will be successful and future generations will reap the rewards of our hard work.

God bless this project.

Our Church & Hall Projects

We initiated our biggest project in 2016 – a new Church and Hall.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) agreed to step into this challenging project with the belief that God is our captain in this journey.

Bible & Hymn Books Project

This project is coordinated by the Board since it was first initiated for the benefit of all members of the church.

Most of the members own a bible and hymn book printed in the Kiribati language as they are the only resources to use during our worship. However, this project has been expanded, as there are people who still have not got one or both of these resources.

This project will allow members to own a bible and a hymn book quicker than if they would have ordered them themselves.

This project was managed by the Board, however, it is now managed by the Church Ministers in their respective parishes.

The Ministers were given this responsibility so that they can meet the needs of members in their respective parishes.

For those members needing these resources, they would place their orders with the KUCNZ Treasurer, who would place direct order from the KUC Headquarters in Kiribati.

It is quite a successful project as most of the members now have their own bibles and hymn books without delay. Our youth members also benefit from this project. We educate our young ones to regularly read the bible and sing from the hymn book during worship.

Community Projects

Ministers Houses

The Ministers’ houses serve as a multipurpose venue for church activities and others such as:

  • Church services;
  • Morning and evening devotions, as well as mid-week services or even Sunday services for some parishes;
  • Meetings;
  • Fundraising activities;
  • Visiting and transiting church members from other regions or I-Kiribati non-KUCNZ members in transit;
  • Social activities; and
  • Other church related activities.
Northern Region

The first project was the purchase of the Minister’s house. This was completed in 2013.

We are now embarking on a new project – to purchase land, build a church and a community hall.

This is one of the largest projects of the Church and we will begin building the church/hall combo in the Auckland region, and then move down to other regions to build the same combo there.

We look forward to seeing the success of this new project as everyone unites, with confidence that this project will progress and complete in God’s guiding hands.

Central Region

There is no current project for this region as it awaits successful completion of the new project (church/hall combo) in the Auckland region.

The first project for this region was the purchasing of a house for the Church Minister for this region which was completed back in 2015.

Lower Northern and Upper Southern Region

The first project was the purchase of the Minister’s house for this region. This was completed in 2016. There is no current project, as we await the completion of Auckland’s and Central regions’ church/hall combo projects.

The second project, a new well (bore) has also been completed which supplies water to the Minister’s house. Because the Minister’s house is remote and away from the main areas, there is usually a shortage of water, however, with this new well, the house has access to unlimited amount of water 24/7.

Southern District

The first project was the purchase of the Minister’s house, and this was completed in 2017.

There is no current project as the Region awaits the completion of Auckland’s project, Central project, and Lower North and Upper South project before we move onto the Southern Region

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