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Your donation helps make a difference to the following church initiatives…

1- To help fund the ongoing projects of building KUCNZ churches and halls in main and central cities across New Zealand as places of worship and venues where church activities, camps and meetings may be held. This is the major hurdle for the church that comes with challenges along the way. Donor involvements through giving will certainly lessen the burden.

2- To help the development and training of youth and Sunday school children through various church related activities and programs that are being withheld due to a lack of funding and/or resources.

3- To help fund the recruitment of more ordained Ministers (clergymen). KUCNZ needs more Ministers given the various parishes around the country, spanning both islands. The current four Ministers have to move around the country in order to serve and do their jobs. This may prove to be costly in terms of constant travel and the challenges Ministers are facing whilst ensuring they don’t fall far behind schedule.

Jobs & Volunteering

All jobs as carried out by members of the Church, especially the Executive Members, are volunteers as they are willing to sacrifice some portion of their spare time to do all the work/jobs for the church. There is no paid job at the moment.

However, there has been a plan by the Board to advertise a new paid position of Account Clerk. Due to the volume of tasks and compliance’s required by the Government and the Charity, our Current Treasurer felt that he needed someone to help with this. It’s still in the plan but yet to be confirmed and implemented.

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