Easter and Christmas Events Updates


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Easter and Christmas are the two major events in our annual KUCNZ calendar. These are the events in the year where all members of the congregation, across the country, come together to witness and celebrate:

  1. how much we have raised during the year; and
  2. the level of achievement each parish has come to in terms of leadership within each group, as well as deaconess.

Funds raised throughout the year by all parishes contribute to our church development funds and are used therefore for the purpose of project development such as:

  1. the purchase of properties across New Zealand to house 4 Ministers (4 properties have already been purchased); and
  2. ongoing plans to build halls and churches to accommodate our church services and activities.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic this year (2020), Easter celebrations was cancelled and members gathered at their individual homes to celebrate Easter, the death and the rise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Queen’s Birthday public holiday is also one of the marked important date in our calendar, and this also was affected by the pandemic. Here, the 3 regions, Northern Region (comprising all of Auckland to Hamilton parishes), Central Region (comprising Tauranga, Tepuke to Hastings), Lower Northern and Upper Southern Regions (comprising Wellington and Blenheim), and the Southern Region (comprising Nelson down to Invercargill) come together to worship, celebrate their achievements, and witness how much each parish has fundraised just as they do for Easter and Christmas events.

Furthermore, KUCNZ, is now embarking on a bigger project, and that is the building of a church and a hall (combo package) for each region. The church, through the AGM and Board governance, have approved that the first package will be established in the Auckland region.

The Property committee from Auckland in collaboration with the KUCNZ Board, are now working on the initial stages of securing and purchasing of land. The next stage, upon success of the initial stage, will be the development of the land which involves building designs, earthworks and construction.

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